Your Bank Holiday and September Social Fitness  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Tue 24 Aug 2021
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Your Bank Holiday and September Social Fitness
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With the bank holiday ahead of us, September looming and, dependent on your local restrictions, daily activities normalising, perhaps the future looks rosier.

If you have missed your social fitness, the chance to share quality exercise or social frivolity via dance, then maybe, just maybe have a look on A2Z.Events or your community site to find the perfect activity.

Whether that is outdoor music and dance activities, lessons or courses with a regular group of friends (or friends to be) or zoom fitness sessions for a while longer, the hosts on our site are encouraged to keep their listings fresh, so you find the perfect way to stay physically and mentally fit.

The Godalming Latino Fest is on Saturday 28th (7pm - Midnight).
* Bachata & Kizomba Room
* Salsa Room
More Info about Godalming

Bank Holiday Dance

Please note that this is an outdoor event, details may change closer to weekend.
Spanning the weekend, Latin Jam in Vauxhall mixes lessons with socials, salsa with bachata and other social dance, and al fresco music, bundled up, if you want, with food from the Black Cab Cafe.

Check for any updated lesson schedules as you don't want to miss out on all-day prices, either on Saturday or Sunday.

NB Late Latin Lunch - 29th August 2021
12noon-5pm (limited availability - 60 places)
Sit down, rest your feet (for just a moment) and enjoy our sumptuous lunch menu + two glasses of prosecco.
You'll need the energy for the complementary dance classes and live music.

Daytime Dance Workshops - 29th August 2021
3 hrs of dance classes (your choice from up to 18 classes on offer) + live music + party night & al fresco dancing

Free Open Air Dance Party - 29th August 2021
Free Party - Free Live Music - Free dancing.
Saturday night also brings salsa to Putney, with lessons preceding the social.
Dance Burn
City Lit in Covent Garden suggest dancing is the ultimate mood booster!
Get your body moving with 60 minutes of dance fitness!
A mix of playful choreography with 80s and 90s music to give you the ultimate workout.
Dance burn is a full body workout for body, mind and soul.

Course starting on 13th September - Details
City Lit offer a plethora of other courses.
Could they tempt you, for instance, with a beginners Tap dance?
You will learn, practise and be able to perform all the basic steps of American tap dance.
You will gain a basic understanding of rhythm and syncopation.
You will also learn a fun routine which will feature the steps and moves you have learned.

Tap dance in Covent Garden
Beaconsfield Lindyhop
Perhaps a 12-week Beginners or Improvers Lindyhop course in Beaconsfield is your thing?
If so, starting on 14th September, 
A social completes each evening.
One for your diary is the Mexican Independance celebration in Brixton on September 15th.
Featuring live performances from all female mariachi group Las Adelitas, salsa and cumbia from Conjunto Sabroso.

A host of weekly drop in lessons are now being listed.
It is impossible to represent them all in a newsletter, so please go and search www.A2Z.Events

Have are a few :

Massive Monday in Temple

Kizomba and bachata lessons as well as salsa are on offer each Monday at Bar Salsa Temple.

Metrolatina at Bar Salsa Soho

Metrolatina are already in full swing at Bar Salsa Soho each Wednesday, where a free intro to salsa lesson is followed by multiple levels of salsa and bachata lessons and a late night  social.

Ballroom, Latin American and Popular Sequence dancing is open again each Thursday in Bournemouth with DanceAway.

The A2Z directory of online/virtual activities is maintained by the activity hosts themselves.

If you know of any professional that is seeking to promote their healthy online or real life activities, whether that is dance, yoga, fit steps, zumba, pilates or other activities good for the body or mind, please invite them to list, free of charge at www.A2Z.Events.

List via A2Z.EventsStay safe.

Leigh and the A2Z.Events team

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