Why dance Salsa?

Author: charlotte_umney
Published: Fri 17. Oct 2014
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Did you know dancing salsa burns up to 600 calories an hour! 

Sound good? The benefits don’t stop there! I was surprised when I discovered how amazing salsa is for your health. Not only that, it is an immense amount of fun so you don’t even feel like your doing exercise!


Salsa is an incredible workout on so many levels! As well as, burning calories, you are helping to speed up your metabolism, tone up and increase your flexibility. Not to mention, it's good for your joints and posture, and has a positive effect on your mental health. The list is endless! 


Dance your way to better health!

When dancing you are carrying out a form of an aerobic exercise; increasing you’re breathing and heart rate. Thus, your body has to work harder to get enough oxygen to your muscles. This helps you to improve your circulation, burn excess calories and lose those unwanted pounds!


Studies throughout the world suggest dancing on a regular basis does not only help in the fight against obesity but also plays a vital role in reducing your risk of many illness and diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.


Salsa dancing also has many anaerobic benefits too. In addition to your muscles having a tough workout, you will use muscles groups that aren’t normally targeted through everyday activities like walking and running. This is due to the fact your muscles have to perform different steps and positions they might not do otherwise e.g. stepping backwards, turning and spinning.


You will be glad to know that many of these moves will also be responsible for toning your body particularly your legs and glutes!


Regular dancing is great for your joints, posture, co-ordination and even bones! Salsa is a weight bearing exercise, helping to maintain bone density and keep your joints well lubricated. As you start to master the moves and footwork in salsa you will be practicing skills in balance, coordination and maintaining good posture.


Happy is healthy!

Mental health is as important as physical health. When you get down on the dance floor your body releases endorphins, better known as happy hormones, giving you that salsa buzz!


There is a strong body of evidence to support the positive effect of salsa dancing and lifting ones mood. The release of endorphins, along with the social interaction, concentration required and confidence boost are all thought to be factors that make salsa excellent in fighting depression.


Salsa not only helps you to look younger but also has anti aging effects on the mind! Cognitive health relates to the ability to think, learn and remember. A number of studies show a link between dancing and an improvement in cognitive health. Keeping your mind in check is essential in reducing the risk of developing age related illness like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Now give me a good reason not to get your dancing shoes on!


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If you have any enquiries feel free to contact me at: Charlotte@a2z.dance

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