Privacy Policy

London Salsas ltd takes your privacy concerns very seriously. We respect your right to privacy and have designed our Privacy Policy to inform you of the various methods and purposes of why we collect and utilise your personal information.

What is personal and non-personal information?

Personal information about yourself includes your name, address, contact telephone number/s plus any other information you choose to provide us during registration or during your membership period. You are under no obligation to provide such information. However, if you should choose to withhold requested information, we may not be able to provide you with certain services. LS makes every attempt to ensure that our procedures are compliant with privacy regulations in the territories in which we operate.

Non-personal information is predominantly statistical information, competitions and other information collected from you in order to administer each challenge, better understand our customers and therefore help us in future management and improvements to

How is your personal information collected?

You will be asked to provide personal information to become a member at LS or to enter competitions. The email address provided during registration will be used to send you an email to which you must reply in order to become a member.

Once you are LS member, you will be able to play all London Salsa competitions. How are your personal details used?

Any processing of personal information will be carried out in strict accordance within data protection laws fo UK. The company will use your information for the following purposes only:

Administering your membership
Administration of competitions
Maintenance of the Company’s accounts and records.
Monitoring the quality of the service provided.
LS promotional by way of email or SMS
Interactive portions of competitions
In the delivery of prizes
Monitoring usage levels.
To provide information to you about other competitions that may be of interest to you from time to time. You may elect not to receive this information.

LS do carry 3rd party game sponsors and charity promotional material in LS newsletters and responses to competitions but your personal information is never directly passed to them without your consent.

Who will see your personal details?

Your name will appear if you win a prize. Winners names may be associated with the area of origin eg.Joe Bloggs, of Newcastle, has won competition XYZ but no more detail.

Personal details may be transferred or disclosed to any company within the London Salsa Collective who we consider best able to carry out the above functions. Your personal and account data will not be disclosed to any other customer of the site, not to third parties not directly related to LS but may be disclosed to an applicable government, regulatory or enforcement authorities when required by law. The Company from time to time may use third parties to process your personal details but any such processing will be strictly governed by a contract as required by law.

Account Privacy and Security

London Salsas acknowledge public apprehension of sending personal information, including payment card details, over the internet and have spent significant time considering the best technology for our customers. We have chosen to not to store your payment card details to greatly reduce the incidence of fraud.

As with most leading e-commerce sites, London Salsa has employed a number of security features, which combine to make transactions by payment cards with London Salsas more secure than most traditional methods.

All personal information passed between you and our secure service providers are encrypted using the SSL (secure socket layer) mechanism built into your browser.

Your consent

By providing your personal information when registering or logging on with the LS, you freely consent to LS processing and disclosing your personal information for the purposes above. If you wish to vary or limit your consent in any way then please notify the Customer Services team.

Access to your Information

You may contact London Salsa with any other queries you may have with our Data Protection Policy. You may also at any time request a copy of the personal information that is held about you by the Company. Any queries should be directed to our Customer Services team –